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How Does Airport Metal Detector Work

How Does Airport Metal Detector Work

Have you noticed that every time you go to the mall or airport, certain metals are not allowed? These metals are not allowed because of security reasons. Carrying metals inside can be harmful and dangerous. So, most of the places do not allow to enter with the metals.

Nowadays, almost every place needs to have the right security. If you have observed, almost every airport has strict security facilities. The proper way to detect any harmful things is an airport metal detector. Every airport consists of two types of metal detectors.

These are known as additional security equipment. A metal detector is important to detect a metal that can be harmful to the environment. Today, each mall or large companies consist of a metal detector. The trend of metal detector in airport started in 1972 because of the problem of the hijacking of an airplane. Earlier, these machines were known as a magnetometer that was used for detecting the metals.

Metal detectors are considered as a popular security machine because of the security checkup might consume a huge amount of time. Airport body scanners consume less time if we compare it to the other security methods. Today, using a metal detector is considered important for strict security checking in the airport.

With the growing and advanced technology, a metal detector is getting advanced due to which most of the airports started using metal detector airport. The main aim of this airport metal detectors is to inform the security guard about the suspicious metal present in the luggage. Metals such as a knife, weapons, and guns are not allowed in the airport and can be detected through the metal detector.

Before getting into the details of the airport metal detector. Let’s understand how does airport metal works.

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How do Airport Detectors Identify Metals?

  • Airport detectors are mostly four to five feet long. It looks like a tunnel, and they are made in order to detect the metals and several weapons from your luggage or bag.
  • Once you enter the detector, it scans your luggage and helps to detect metals. It is used for high-security check.
  • It consists of in-built scanners that are used to scan the luggage and to check if there is any suspicious equipment in the luggage bag.
  • Once you insert the bag through the curtains, it scans the luggage bag and develops its x-ray.
  • After scanning the luggage and developing an x-ray, it is transmitted to the detectors and detectors detect the metals from the luggage.
  • After developing the x-ray, the image covers all the objects that are present in the luggage bag. It not only construct the image of the objects but also define what they are made of. This is the most important part of detecting metals from your luggage bag.
  • If the detector scans any metal from your luggage, then it makes a certain noise through which the security guard becomes aware of the metal that you are trying to hide in your bag.
  • Once the detector makes any noise, then the security guard will ask you to show your bag so that he can check your bag and see if the metals that you are carrying are harmful or not.
  • Once you go through the standing metal detector, then the security guard scans you with the help of a handy metal detector. This scanner is used to detect if there is any metal in your pockets, clothes, and body.
  • Every airport consists of both standing scanners as well as handy metal detectors. These are used to make sure that you do not carry any metal inside the premises of the airport.
  • After scanning you, the security guard takes the metals that are found in your luggage, and then you are free to enter inside. If the metal is harmful and dangerous, then they might call the cops for further inquiry.
  • If you do not have any metals, then you are free to enter the premises of the airport.

Final Words

Understanding the significance of metal detectors and how does airport metal detectors work is utmost important to ensure the safety of the airport. Because of the problem of hijacking airplanes, the need for airport metal detectors is growing.

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