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Best Time To Trim Trees

Best Time to Trim Trees

Tree, shrub, bushes, require to be trimmed & maintained from season to season. Trimming trees is like giving them a new haircut; it should look good; it’s selective removal of superfluous branches, leaves from the trees to enhance the growth of the tree. There is the best time to trim trees according to their growth & the climatic conditions around them. It is done because of two reasons reduce the size, remove infected branches & improve appearance.

Its an essential task must be done every year as you cut your trees; you must be careful while you cut back trees. People who have been gardening all their lives surely know when is the best time to prune oak trees. You need to know every tree is different when it comes to pruning some need to be given a slight trim & some would require half the canopy to be removed. You can also hire an arborist to do the trimming of trees in your backyard. Most people learn over time when to prune; but not all of you need to put so much effort into it, here is a short guide of essential pruning time & how to do it.

Best Seasons to Do So

Most of the leaves change in fall & spring will show you blooming flowers with it, so the trimming must be done somewhere around winters. The correct timing provides full growth of the tree & provide long term health to the trees. Most tree species like evergreen, tropical, deciduous all have the approximately same time for pruning. The best time to trim trees is during the dormant season (the leaves are off the tree & in which the growth of the tree is at its peak); the growth of the tree will not suffer any heavy blow even if you remove a few branches. Now the dormant reason for most trees is winters, it is considered best for their health.

Benefits of Trimming in the Dormant Season

  • The wounds due to cutting or any other bacterial, fungus growth will be rapidly healed during this period. This is true for most evergreen & deciduous trees.
  • The risk for any sort of infection due to insects or any disease which may harm tree is relatively lower than when you trim trees in other seasons.
  • The bleeding of sap is minimal during the dormant period; although it doesn’t hurt tree in any aspect, the insects & other pest are attracted by the sap.
  • The view is clear when you trim them during winters, as the leaves are gone you know exactly where to put scissors.

Guide for Cutting Fruit Trees

Best Time to Prune Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are different from another oak type of trees; they don’t require annual pruning. The fruit trees have a cycle which can be varying years once the cycle is set you don’t need to prune is yearly. The best time prune fruit trees are not defined, initially, when the plant is in growing years it may require pruning annually or even twice but it changes over time.

Pruning of young fruit tree is also done to form an airy & open canopy; this is to avoid the huge canopy where only the outer layer gets sunlight. The presence of sunlight also reduces fungal infection, a disease in the plants that are less than a year old. The scaffolds strength must be increased in the first three years, to promote branches which will develop on the top afterward, rubbing of the tree should also be taken care of.

The fruit trees are mostly planted in summers & the best time prune fruit trees is at their initial stage. The best time to prune fruit tree is summer season when they are growing old from young saplings.

Pruning Guidelines

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while pruning:

  • Coniferous trees must be trimmed during late winters.
  • Non-blooming shrubs must also be trimmed on late winters.
  • You should prune the spring bloom trees as early as possible.
  • Trim diseased & lightly sharp edges.

Wrap Up

The briefing with all the essential details of the best time to trim trees is done above. Hope it is helpful while you take care of your trees.

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