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Difference Between Drill Driver and Impact Driver

Difference Between Drill Driver and Impact Driver

Whenever you want to buy a drill driver or an impact driver, you might become confused which to buy as both of them look similar. Indeed, there are similarities between them but both of them are different in their working.

A drill driver is essential in any home toolbox for any DIY projects or home repairs. Other drivers like impact driver and hammer driver are used where a drill driver can’t be used. Choose a drill according to the kind of work and surface you’re working on. Here, we have come up with the difference between drill driver and impact driver.

Basic Differences Between Drill Driver and Impact Driver

Please find the comparison between drill driver vs impact driver.

  • If you’re working with small screws, you can adjust the speed of a drill driver to low. And if you want to drill, increase the speed. You can also maintain the torque of the driver accordingly which will help to prevent damage.
  • An impact driver is small and light in weight. Cordless impact drivers are 12-volt, 18-volt or 20-volt Max models. As the voltage increases, their performance also increases. Also, while working with impact drivers, you’ll experience less pressure on your hands.

When to Use Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers?

  • Drill drivers are generally used while working with small fasteners. On the other hand, an impact driver is used for big screws and bolts. It is not suitable for drilling with precision. Use it when the position of holes doesn’t matter much.
  • Drill drivers are more versatile for various jobs. They are also less costly. That’s why they are preferred by many when doing small mundane tasks like drilling a hole into the wall of your house to hang a photograph.
  • To provide more force which you need while driving in large fasteners, impact drivers should be used. They are used for large scale projects. They reduce the impact on your wrists and hands. With them, it becomes easy to maintain contact with the top of the screw due to the short impulses and the controlled manner it is used.

Drill Driver vs Impact Driver

What is the Difference Between a Hammer Drill and an Impact Driver?

Please, go through the below points to know about the differences between impact driver vs hammer drill.

  • A hammer drill looks the same as an impact driver but a hammer drill feels like working with a hammer. It looks like a hammer which is attached to the head of the drill which helps to break material.
  • They are used especially in construction works when to break drill in or break the pathways, walls or anything hard.
  • The hammer drill works in normal mode also. If you have a not so stronger surface, just switch off the hammer and let the hammer drill work like a normal drill.
  • Hammer drills are more expensive than standard drills and should be used for heavier works while for normal work, a standard drill is recommended.


So, next time when you to drill into something or has a project, keep in mind the kind of work you’ll be doing and the material with which you’ll be working with so that it becomes easier for you to choose the type of drill to buy. For light work, go for drill drivers, for heavier ones- go for impact drivers and when working with construction material like stone and concrete, use hammer drivers.

We also advise you to work carefully with any kind of drill which you’re using. If you don’t know how a drill works or how it is used, then take the help of someone who has worked with them. It’ll be no help to get hurt while working. So, take caution while working with drills. We hope that by now you know the difference between drill driver and impact driver.

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