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How to Get a Phone Through a Metal Detector

How to Get a Phone Through a Metal Detector

Nowadays almost everyone carries a phone everywhere they go. Imagine you are going through an airport metal detector and suddenly the detector started ringing because of your phone, then what you will do?

A metal detector aims at detecting the metal that is present in your luggage. Because of high security, it is necessary to have a metal detector in every airport or mall. The airport metal detector came into existence because of the hijacking of airplanes. It became important to check every person and the luggage they carry. Usually, the place that has a huge population on a daily basis should consist of a metal detector for the safety of everyone.

The metal detector is made four or five feet long with the ability to detect the metal. As your phone is made up of metal, a metal detector will definitely detect your metal because it cannot distinguish between the phone and other things because it is only made for detecting metal. However, you do not need to hide your phone if you do not have any harmful intentions.

Is there are any chances that security guards in the airport use a cell phone detector? The answer is some airports do have a cell phone metal Detector to detect cell phones and the presence of a cell phone that can be found nearby. Cell phone detector is easy to detect your phone, and most of the airports prefer using cell phone detectors for the safety purpose.

There are many airports that do have the facility of a hidden cell phone detector while others do not have it. In this article, the steps of how to get a phone through a metal detector are mentioned.

How Can you Pass Through a Metal Detector with a Cell Phone?

1. Cover your cell phone

Step 1 is to cover your cell phone by placing your hands on it. So that it won’t be able to detect your phone. Usually, it only locates the uncover parts in the luggage. However, it also depends upon the quality of the metal detector. A good quality metal detector might detect your phone even if it is covered.

Hidden Cell Phone Detector

2. Carefully use your body as a shield

You are supposed to cover your phone carefully and slowly. Your body should act as a shield in order to keep it covered. So that it won’t be able to detect your phone. It is important that you cover your phone properly without leaving any part uncovered.

3. Walk through a metal detector as soon as possible

Now it is the time to get through a metal detector. Make sure to walk faster in order to get through a metal detector. When you walk faster, it will be unable to detect the phone from your body.

4. Try other ways

  • Casing

It is the practice of wrapping your phone in any material so that it won’t be able to detect your phone. it is important that you wrap your phone carefully and thickly in this process. Otherwise, a metal detector will detect your cell phone. Also, if a metal detector is of high-quality and can detect metal anyhow. Then, the casing may not work.

  • Keeping your phone separate

It is the most common way of how students hide their cell phones. Some of them hide it inside any book, and others may keep it in a separate bag. Keeping your phone in most congested places can save your phone from getting detected. The chances of getting detected are 50%. it depends upon the power of a metal detector.

5. Hide it inside of something

Most of the people hide their phones inside their notebooks or inside the material through that it will not be detected by a metal detector.


After understanding the steps of how to get a phone through a metal detector, you got an idea about how can you go inside with your phone. This article gives you the required information and how to escape with your phone through a metal detector. However, it is better if you do not take risks because it will save you from many serious problems.

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